Saturday, June 8, 2013

She's moving up!

Thanks to the help of family and friends, London is now #110 in the Parent Magazine photo contest!  This may seem far away from the number one spot, but considering she was at #5?? on Monday, this is great news.  There is one day left to vote, so keep voting!  Voting ends June 9th, thank you for all your support and to those of you who've shared her link on facebook and twitter to get more votes, thank you again.  :)

Don't forget to vote HERE!

If the "HERE" link above does not work for some of you, here is the website:

Thank you!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thank you for all your votes for London!  She is making her way towards the number one spot and we are all very grateful!  Voting ends June 9th and you are allowed to vote daily, please vote for this little cutie.

London is almost five months old and she is the light of our lives!  Her older brother and sister lover her so much.  I was worried there could be some jealousy issues, but there has been nothing but love.  She is perfect in every way.  We can't get enough of her!

Here is the link:

Again, thank you for all your support!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Please Vote For London!

I know, I know.  I haven't written in awhile.  With a semi-complicated pregnancy and now a new healthy baby, I was and still am, exhausted.  I'll write more about the pregnancy later.  Thankfully, my complication was able to be controlled by listening, following advice and sticking to a strict diet.

What I am writing about today is to ask you to please vote for my baby girl, London.  She is in a contest to be on the cover of Parent magazine and also to win $250, which will go into her college savings account.  I may not be able to pay for her college in full, but my husband and I would like to get some of the costs covered before she starts applying to: Harvard, Brown, Yale, or my favorite... University of Oregon, Go DUCKS!!!

Here is the link to vote, you can vote daily until June 9th.  Thank you readers for all of your help!  London and I greatly appreciate it.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Starting Over

I wonder how many parents out there are starting over again?  I wonder if they have the same questions?  The same fears?  The same doubts?  How many of you have a huge and I mean HUGE age gap between your children?  

Our due date is coming up fast... Like 4.5 weeks fast.  My current youngest and this baby will be 14 years apart.  What was I thinking?  I was almost done!  I have two that are in their first years of high school and already starting to think about college.  I was almost at the scholastic finish line! Now my days will be filled with doctors appointments, play dates, nursery rhymes, feedings, naps... you name it... diaper changes... oh help me! 

They say that certain things come back to you, like riding a bike.  I'm hoping there are things that come back to me since it has been so long since I've had a newborn to take care of.  I'm slowly making myself nervous with breastfeeding doubts, bathing schedules, picking the right Pediatrician, will she be healthy, etc...  I've done enough research on baby products, baby bedding, baby monitors to last a life time.  If we were living back home I would already have a Pediatrician set up, our doctor that we love and trust.  But we live in a new state and are relying on word of mouth referrals.  Anxiety-1 Mom-0.  

So I'm asking you, mom's of the blogger world, what were your fears when it comes to big age gaps between children and starting over?  All comments will be read and taken to heart.  

PS:  My saving grace right now is that my older children are excited for this baby to arrive.  I found that it little odd that two teenagers would be excited... here's hoping that lasts.  :)


Friday, December 7, 2012

Life passing by...

I don't know what has magically happened, but for the first time, in a long time, I am finally able to get this blog back to what it once was.  I don't know if it was due to the changes of blogger, but everything became "screwy".  The background was awful.  Posts were hard to read.  The layout was the only thing that looked familiar.  

Now that I have managed to play with it for a couple days and not lose my cool, it is becoming my blog again.  

Since I have been MIA for so long, I think it's only important I update.  

May 2012:  The husband and I learn we are expecting

June:  The kids come out for their summer visit.  Sorry, but time with my two favorite people in the world is far more important than blogging.  Also, my parents came out to visit and it was my dad's first time in Boston, so we went everywhere: Salem, Plymouth, Boston (Back Bay, Freedom Trail, North End...), a day trip to beautiful Maine and various other places, such as over to my in-law's house for Father's Day celebration.  We all had a great time, I was sad to see them leave.  

July:  We spent our "Third of July" at the lake eating BBQ, the kids swimming, playing volleyball, and later on watched beautiful fireworks over the lake.  New England truly is the best place to spend the Fourth of July.  We also celebrated my baby girls 14th birthday.  I can't believe she is 14!  Where have the years gone?  She's so much taller than me now.  She's also so much smarter than I was at that age and maybe the age I am now also.  I love that girl with all my heart!

August: After a tearful goodbye to my old babies, I spent August trying to keep busy so I didn't go into a minor depression.  Not that I suffer from depression, but putting the kiddos on a plane to go back home is never easy.  So I spent my days and weekends running errands or hanging out with my husband or friends.  Thank goodness for the ladies I have become friends with here, we always have fun and it takes my mind off things.  

September: September was spent making calls back home to my babies to see how school and sports were going.  September was spent watching my belly grow bigger and starting baby product research, my own type of homework.  Holy cow!  I can't believe how many products are new on the market compared to when I had my son and daughter years ago, nor can I believe all the new "you can't do this, eat this, be near this, etc..." 

October:  Spent the month of October doing more research on baby items.  We also spent a weekend hoping Hurricane Sandy would bypass our town.  We stocked up on some important food items and some not so important food items, like the cookie cake my husband brought home, and we waited.  After having the house shake all day from heavy winds and being without power for 4-5 hours, the storm passed.  Since our power outage came in the late afternoon we ended up heating dinner on our gas stove by candle light, eating by candle light and playing Yahtzee by... you guessed it, candle light.  We made the best of it.  However, when we did get power again and when the news coverage showed the destruction of NYC and NJ our hearts sank and prayers were said.  It is a true testament to the American people how we come together during times of destruction or tragedy, it was heartwarming to see people with power giving electricity to those without to charge cell phones, computers, etc... so people could reach their loved ones.  It was heartwarming to see all the help that came from volunteers, firefighters, EMT's, police officers, doctors and nurses.  The stories of women giving birth during the hurricane are truly amazing also.  

November:  November was a great month!  (Aside from being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, thankfully it is diet controlled) We had my husband's parents join us for Thanksgiving and my babies came home to visit and spend Thanksgiving with us.  While the kids were here, we were able to celebrate my son's 16th birthday!  Again... WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?  He, like his younger sister, is my pride and joy.  My boy is the best son a mom could ever ask for!  He makes his "smarty-pants" comments, but they are in fun and he still doesn't mind when Momma comes over to him and hugs him.  And doesn't let go.  So he's stuck standing there.  Whether he likes it or not.  

December:  This will be a sad month.  For the second time in my life I am away from my side of the family for Christmas.  For the first time in my life I won't be with my babies.  But I have vowed to make the best of it.  I will not let these things get me down and I will call my family and Skype with them.  They are all crazy anyway, so I'm sure I know exactly how things will go even if I'm not there.  I will also focus on preparing for the arrival of our baby.  She, yes we are having a girl, she needs a nursery and we are no where close to having one set up as we are still waiting for the crib and dresser to arrive.  Seriously, any day would be good for them to bring it on over.  

Since it is December and I am eight months pregnant, I feel very behind in just about everything.  I am behind in my housework, behind in setting up the nursery, being in my holiday shopping... 

Thankfully, I am becoming "slightly obsessed" with Etsy.  I have found so many gifts and ideas on this wonderful website and it makes me feel so good to support small businesses.  I also found a great diaper bag today and the quality of this bag is great.  I can't wait to see it in person!

I hope you all have a great holiday and I'll be turning a room into a nursery.  I do hope to take before and after pictures, I hope the transformation is as great in real life and it is in my mind.  We'll see...

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